The March Toward Liberty
The Final Battle for Independence in Yorktown VA
March 6th & 7th, 2010
Thank you to all the participants and attendees!
Please go to the Links and email List page and sign up to be on the mailing list so we can make the next one bigger. For now watch the calendar for upcoming events and email me, or the organizer team, with your ideas.
We were in the papers and local calendars ahead of time like And our friend Samieh Shalash of the Daily Press did a nice story that also was printed in the Boston Herald. Even though being a member of the Virginia Tea Party Patriot Federation was of little benefit to us and our event we may be able to use our experience to help make another event bigger and better.

How will we march this country away from tyranny back toward liberty?

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Who's Speaking

Some of the speakers signed up

Also present

Also present at the event

While you're here 

Visit Historic Yorktown (tourism information)

Yorktown Victory Center:  COST: $9.50 or other packages & prices avail.  TIME: allow at least a few hours for the museum + more. (This is part of VA State Parks and some, but not all, packages include the National Park) 

Yorktown Battlefield Colonial
National Park : COST: $10 or other prices avail.  TIME:  allow 3 hours or more to take in the battlefield and some other sites in Yorktown marked in green on the map. (While some of the Victory Center packages include the Colonial National Park, the National Park tickets do not include the Victory Center or State Park sites.)

Attend a rally at the Yorktown Freight Shed


Riverwalk Landing


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March Toward Liberty, Yorktown VA

The Tea Party Weekend in old Yorktown, Virginia.

By Riverwalk Landing o
n the shore of the York River where in 1774 Yorktown residents held their own Tea Party, attend rallies and informative lectures on how we are changing the course of government today. Guest speakers will inspire and share practical methods for individuals to get involved, influence and take control of government.

While you are here take in the history of the founding of this great nation. See the battlefield where Washington won the final battle in the War for Independence. Visit the Yorktown Victory Center, Old Yorktown, and The Victory Monument

Be a part of a movement, that is turning us from the path to tyranny and putting back on the march toward liberty.


Saturday, March 6th 

9:00 AM   Victory Center & Battlefield Visitor Center Open. we recommend making plans & buying tickets for any tours you may be interested in.
10:00 AM    The March. Informal march from Victory Center to The Stage

on The Stage:

10:30 AM    Pledge of Allegience
10:35 AM    Invocation
10:45 AM    Announcements
11:00 AM    Coffee break at Ben & Jerry's
11:30 AM    Introductions of participants.
Groups handing out information are invited to introduce themselves.
12:00 PM    Tom DeWeese, American Policy Center
12:30 PM    Terry Beatley,
1:00 PM    Larry Pratt, Gun Owners of America
1:30 PM    Paul Burgener, Fair Tax
2:00 PM    Thomas Cayton McClancy, 1st & 2nd Am.
2:30 PM    GOOOH of Virginia
3:30 PM    Open Forum
open to anyone with something to say

Information distributed by participating organizations in The Green and on The Chischiak Green from 10 to 5.

& Sunday, March 7th

09:00 Victory Center & Battlefield Visitor Center Open
recommend making plans & buying tickets for any tours you may be interested in.
Then in the Yorktown Freight Shed,
331 Water Street, Yorktown, VA 23692
10:00 AM    Pledge of Allegience   
10:05 AM    Invocation   
10:15 AM    Announcements     of the day's events
10:30 AM    Introductions of participants    Groups that are represented at the event and available to hand out information.
10:45 AM    Lester Gabriel    Chairmanship of 1st District Republican Committee
11:00 AM    Robert B. Alexander (
Patio of Ben & Jerry's) Bring your laptops for a hands on lesson in building a free website for your organization and learn about other free internet tools.
12:00 PM    Marshall Smith    Regional Patriot Group Interface
12:30 PM    Robert B. Alexander    Compete with the top-down "grass roots" movement
1:30 PM    Dorothy Bayford     Greetings from the Peninsula Patriots
2:00 PM    Open Forum    Open to anyone with something to say
3:00 PM    march to Victory Monument.     Informal march from the Freight Shed up to the Victory Monument.

Information distributed by participating organizations on The Chischiak Green from 10 to 3
Allow yourself time to take in the area sites on your own or in groups.

More information coming soon regarding guest speakers, activities, and schedules.

Chat about it

Chat about it

Attendees may want to avail themselves of some of the attractions and tours in the area.  Please see the links to the left for information on fees and reservation.

We are now collecting donations to pay for reservation of the Freight Shed, fees and possibly printed materials. This is not for individual reservations or tickets to any events and not for attractions such as offered by the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation, York County, or National Parks.


to the York Tea Party for fees & expenses
Robert Alexander,
Mar 5, 2010, 7:01 AM
Robert Alexander,
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