Apologies to my friends

posted Jan 7, 2021, 10:09 AM by Robert Bruce Alexander

I want to apologize to my friends that went to the #StopTheSteal rally in D.C.

I have gone to these things for years and felt the frustrations of feeling unheard as you have. I have felt the injustice of being ignored and of being mocked. For years the lawless, hypocritical bigots in government and media lied to our faces and flaunted their ill gotten power in attempts to destroy us and provoke us to violence. I did not go because I felt that I could not make a difference or worse, that I would lash out in anger. 

I should have been there to remind you of who you are. You and I respect the law as it is derived from the Constitution of the United States. We honor the Constitution as the greatest, most aspirational governmental document created by mankind to protect our individual rights. We strive to make our servants in government live up to it, and not circumvent it. We respect the men and women we have tasked with upholding the law as imperfect as it and they are. We respect property rights and know that our individual rights do not extend into the destruction of someone else’s rights or property. 

I apologize for not being there and not saying this earlier.  I don’t know what I could have done or even if I would have done it but I realize now that I should have tried. 

Now I am calling on anyone that assaulted an officer of the law, damaged or stolen property, or committed any crime in our nation's capital to confess and make restitution. Most of the real damage cannot be undone and may not yet be fully realized. Certainly the death of the veteran shot in the capitol building cannot be undone, nor can the impact that her death will have on her family and others.

Your Servant,
Robert Bruce Alexander --alexanderofyork

York BoS grab more power then cap the night by voting themselves a raise

posted Jun 17, 2014, 9:20 PM by Robert Alexander   [ updated Jun 17, 2014, 9:49 PM ]

Matters of morality, hubris and willful circumvention of Virginia law were ignored and dismissed as "fluff" and "theatrics" as York County's Board of Supervisors roundly supported 3 proposals aimed at securing power by getting around recent Virginia House Bill 1089 that clarified the farms protection act and Senate Bill 51 which directly threatened the county government's power to approve or deny any and every county citizen their right to produce food on a case by case basis.  The board members were intoxicated on the power given to them by county residents who so confused by local ordinances that they were panicked at the thought of loosing the ability to bully their neighbors for engaging in commerce without permission.  

Simply put, the proposals were to 1: amend the comprehensive plan; 2: create a new type of zone; and 3: to apply that zone to York Point.  In the course of the meeting citizens each were allowed to make 3 minute statements regarding each of the 3 proposals.  The remarks became almost heated at times with side comments occasionally being shared out of order between citizens with apposing views.  Confusion abounded about the purpose of zoning laws being to regulate commerce rather then the burden of a land use on county infrastructure and the infringement on the rights of fellow land owners.  But the proper purpose of such laws were completely lost on the supervisors themselves and all efforts to point them in the right direction were proven worthless as each member of the board took turns demonstrating their utter contempt for the truth and the citizens of York County.  Only Mr. Hrichak was tempered enough to not vote in favor of the last of the 3 proposals while the others all made insulting remarks about the citizen speakers and each still insisting they needed this extra power in spite of admitted ambiguities. They even sited a need to reign in commercial enterprise to "protect citizens."

I left the meeting before the vote on the supervisor's salary was completed. I could not take the chance of my head exploding.

More links about the story:

District 1
 Walter C. Zaremba
Walter C. Zaremba
(757) 253-0477 (home)
(757) 890-3328 (voice mail)
106 Royal Grant Drive
Williamsburg, VA 23185

District 2
Sheila S. Noll
Sheila S. Noll
(757) 877-7790 (home)
(757) 890-3329 (voice mail) 
133 Tradewinds Drive
Yorktown, VA 23693

 District 3
Donald E. Wiggins
Donald E. Wiggins
(757) 890-2980 (home)
(757) 890-3330 (voice mail)
301 Dawson Drive
Seaford, VA 23696

 District 4
George S. Hrichak
George S. Hrichak
(757) 890-3331 (cell)
115 Albacore Drive
Yorktown, VA 23692


 Find Your District

 District 5
Thomas G. Shepperd, Jr.
Thomas G. Shepperd, Jr.
Vice Chairman 
(757) 868-8591 (home)
(757) 890-3332 (voice mail)
131 Chinquapin Orchard
Yorktown, VA 23693


Calling Out the York Co. Board of Supervisors

posted Apr 25, 2014, 4:00 PM by Robert Alexander   [ updated Apr 25, 2014, 4:02 PM ]

8:51 AM (10 hours ago)
to wigginsshepperdsheilanollhrichakzarembaghrichakdonewigginsWaltcartermjbarnettmcreynojtgshepnolldhoffjguardia
York County leaders,
We should all be working together to make York County better!
However, l am surprised that you are not as embarrassed as l am that the York County govt has become the laughing-stock of local govts, political leaders throughout the state, business leaders, freedom loving citizens and many others as far away as China. Our government's "we-will-crush-any-opponent", "we can't-be-wrong", "everyone-must-obey-us", "we-are-right-even-when-we-are-wrong" style of govt is being exposed. Even Voice of America (which airs in China in Chinese) did a 30 minute segment making fun of York County (where America's freedom was won) last year.   
Here are 3 examples just from yesterday:
1. In a meeting of 50-60 business leaders (HREDA Bd of Directors) that George H & I attended, we discussed the UNLIMITED business opportunities for unmanned aircraft in Va. But in York County, you guys barred any landing of any MANNED aircraft other than at airports... even med-i-vac helicopters to save someone's life! So how many business opportunities will be coming to the County for UN-manned aircraft?
2. Did you see the article in the Yorktown Crier about your latest over-the-top actions against environmentally friendly, job creating oyster farms? This is AFTER the state legislature voted 128-to-5  against your position.
3. Then John Stossel made fun of you guys while he ate a FORBIDDEN Oyster on camera for national TV yesterday. You can watch the entire segment along with a million other Americans next Thursday night on FOX Business News at 9:00pm.
And now you are going to the next over-the-top level by down-zoning 5000-7000 properties of the people you were elected to "serve"? It is time you reevaluate how you are making your decisions. Enough is enough. Let's kiss and make up and get on with our lives working beside each other to make York County a better place for everyone again that respects each others' differences & honors God given freedoms.
Anyone bcc'ed on this email can hit "reply all" and share your thoughts with the York County leaders if you wish to do so.
Greg GarrettGG
bcc: many concerned citizens in York County & other interested parties

Greg Garrett 
offices in Hpt Rds from Chesapeake to Williamsburg
Licensed in Virginia
cell # 757-879-1504

York Point residents petition for serfdom

posted Mar 30, 2014, 4:29 PM by Robert Alexander   [ updated Mar 30, 2014, 4:51 PM ]

Oysters from the Chesapeake Bay (Photo courtesy VIMS)
York Point residents petition for serfdom and York Board of Supervisors stand ready, shackles in hand.  In case you still had any faith in your fellow man, York Point residents are gathering signatures of weak will perpetual adolescents to plead for the heavy hand of government to satisfy their petty whining about the neighbors and force more rules on all of us in the process.  Read the shameful story on 

Proposed Zoning Changes Could Bar Farming on Thousands of York Properties

March 28, 2014 By   

Freedom Riders Needed

posted Oct 8, 2013, 10:22 PM by Robert Alexander   [ updated Oct 8, 2013, 10:57 PM ]

The time has come once again for citizens to ban together 
and engage in a little civil disobedience. Our public servants have forgotten there place and are forcing the public from public places. If we are not willing to stand and support our small businesses and take bake our public spaces we will lose our liberty. 

This is just the situation that cries out for people to pile into cars and buses and flood past the storm troopers and fill the restaurants, hotels, and businesses who employees are being starved out by the tyrannical government.  

This is just the time that calls for people to come out of their houses and work places and SIT IN and fill up our public spaces and parks.  We must remain and resist as those who are paid by our tax dollars try to remove us from the lands that we all own.  

If we cannot drive in we will walk.  If we cannot park we will drop off load after load of people. If they form a line to block us, we will link arms and push on past. If they arrest us we will fill the jails to overflow!

Private restaurants, hotels, monuments, parks, and private businesses are being bullied by a tyrannical government hell bent on making you the citizen pay for the the non-compliance of some principled representatives in congress. Congress has the responsibility of the budget.  If the Executive branch chooses to retaliate against the citizen for what ever reason, we the citizen will retaliate against our government by peaceful protest and civil disobedience.  Resist the hate and oppression, act in peace and love, and stand for liberty and justice!  Calling all citizens: FREEDOM RIDERS NEEDED!

Obama is flooding my inbox

posted Sep 30, 2013, 8:04 PM by Robert Alexander

Does he really think it's a good strategy to pressure supporters by informing them of the records kept on them since 2008?  Here is how one of the emails tonight begins: 
Right now we're putting together the list of everyone who's stepped up to own a piece of what we're building together -- so far, you're not on it. (You can take care of that right now.)

According to the records associated with this exact email address:

    -- Organizing for Action member: Pending
    -- Suggested donation: $5
I guess the Tea Party folks being targeted by the IRS are just overly sensitive because apparently Obama supporters love records being kept on them so much that they are apt to pony up a few bucks for the privilege. 

You can see here in the image that my email is flooded with messages in the past few days from Organizing for Action, the same "grass roots" organization as Obama for America, then Organizing for America, that has been used to track supporters and whip up support for every progressive cause and Obama whim since his 2008 campaign began.  Emails are from everyone from the regular OFA lackey to Grant Campbell, Chief of Staff, Organizing for Action, to Barack Obama himself.  In the emails they say "Let's be sure people don't believe this crap." and President Obama himself says "A group of far-right Republicans in Congress is obsessed with making an ideological point" and calls Republicans and those fighting Obamacare "reckless and irresponsible" In one (or more, I can't read them all) of the emails Obama calls on his followers:
"As we get closer to the September 30th deadline, that might mean picking up the phone, getting the facts out to friends on social media, or showing up at your local congressional office. OFA will be asking a lot of you, and I hope you'll get involved."
So when the government shuts down and everyone is running around playing the blame game and seeking out the horrible affects of unneeded government employees not working and unneeded services being stopped, I will be cuddling up with all my email reading to do and wishing this could last as long as the national debt. 

The Butler – Death of The Dream

posted Aug 20, 2013, 3:05 PM by Robert Alexander   [ updated Aug 25, 2013, 9:33 AM ]

Oprah Winfrey’s comparison of Emmett Till and Travon Martin is a grotesque insult to the memory of Emmett Till and the whole civil rights movement but it is also a demonstration of the current mindset of the movement and exactly why the face of real civil rights today is the much more pasty one of Glenn Beck.

Oprah’s new movie, The Butler, is a stirring depiction of the death of Rev. Martin Luther King’s dream of racial equality.  In it we see how the civil rights movement while under the leadership of MLK using Christ-like peace and nonviolence is able show right vs. wrong as clearly as black and white.  We then watch as the movement is distorted slowly and subtly transformed from right vs. wrong into black vs. white.

The Character of Cecil Gains is portrayed as a man of strong stable character while his son, Louis Gains takes on the role of the radical seeking change.   He first is with MLK where the peaceful civil rights movement is shown to be virtuous and profoundly effective, albeit too slowly, in changing the hearts and minds of Americans and the politically powerful.  After the death of MLK Louis turns toward violence and the “black power” path of Malcolm X.  His pursuit of equality is replaced by the pursuit of justice which soon is confused with vengeance.   Meanwhile Cecil struggles to sympathize with Louis.  Progress toward equality is shown to be too slow even for Cecil as he admits to being confused by the time President Reagan finally makes the pay in the Whitehouse staff equal for blacks and whites.

It becomes apparent that the meaning of civil rights has become confused in the minds of the movies characters as it has with many Americans including Oprah Winfrey. "Civil rights" has become exclusively about black power.  "Equality" today is only applied to how wealth is redistributed but has otherwise lost all meaning.

The movie ends on what should be a hopeful time, the election of our first black president.  But filtered through the history of divisiveness of this administration, the scene was a tragic depiction of a man and a country that has lost his strength of character and the will to seek equality, pursuing instead, vengeance for a collective.

One Question for my Public Servants

posted Aug 14, 2013, 6:09 PM by Robert Alexander   [ updated Aug 14, 2013, 7:31 PM ]

My stomach wrenches and the taste of bile rises in my throat when I think of the grotesque inhuman beast my government has become as it creates impossible laws for the people to live under while the political elites are exempted from the same laws and excused for lawless and lewd behavior. 

I have grown tired of speaking in desperation to my public servants only to be misunderstood and misrepresented in government.  Perhaps I've never been able to make clear my point and allowed my message to get lost in a sea of issues and political interests.  My request of my representatives is simple.

For clarity, let me start by telling you what I am NOT asking:
  • I am not asking for my public servant to prophesy about the future. I do not care what my representative thinks is going to happen as a result of current actions.  The predictive abilities of bureaucrats is well established as worthless and I'm not buying it.
  • I am not asking who is to blame, nor who will get the blame. Blame is a tool of the guilty and used to destroy people, not to find solutions.  And if blame is to come than it will come irregardless of any foundation in truth.
  • I don't want to hear excuses. We certainly know they exist. They are frivolous distraction and I don't have time to entertain even a word of it.
  • I do not want to hear about a means to an end or any such plan that will try and rationalize a compromise of principle for the sake of a greater good or an eventual win.
  • I don't want to hear anyone tell me how to win. I am too old for games and I do not like to gamble with matters of importance.  
What I AM asking is a single question.  It's a single question that I want my public servant to apply to every single issue and every single decision in every single minute of every single day that he or she is under my employ and in the service of the people of this land. Here is the question:

Without answering the questions that I am not asking, and regardless of any presupposed consequences, I'm asking
will you do what is right?

Google Deletes

posted Aug 13, 2013, 8:40 PM by Robert Alexander

Are we being targeted because we are a Tea Party organization?  Google has removed all references to from their domain name servers (DNS.)  

To quickly describe all the geek stuff: We got in on "Google Apps," a suite of online applications developed for business, back when it was in the free test phase.  When the ended the free test phase, we were promised that we could keep our account.  One of the things that was connected to the suite of applications was Blogger.  Our website is set up on a series of Blogger sites and the domains have been pointed to these Blogger sites though the Google DNS but all of the settings are made in the configuration of our domain provider.  Those settings are still in place. The Blogger settings are still correct also.  Only the DNS data does not exist any longer and that leaves our website inaccessible. 

Here is the letter I've posted on Blogger's help forum:

I have the domain via and have the settings correct (haven't changed since it had been working for about 3 years.) I have other domains that still point to blogger sites without issue but the DNS is no longer working primarily for the following blogs: &

I've been unable to find any notifications but my domain, while set up with my A Records and CNames they do not direct to blogger. Have Blogger and Google had a falling out or am I being targeted for being a Tea Party organization?

In a related issue that I have yet to find a way to resolve, it seems my Google Apps account has been deleted.  I don't know why but I suspect being deleted from Google's DNS for being an enemy of the statists may also have an affect on Blogger.

The McCaining of Rand Paul

posted Mar 12, 2013, 4:37 PM by Robert Alexander   [ updated Mar 12, 2013, 7:34 PM ]

While not nearly as violent as the caning of Charles Sumner, the attack from John McCain, Lindsey Graham and others mark just as clear of a debarkation point of the new "Radical Republicans" from the establishment GOP and the other progressives on the left.  Now as then we have a small group of principled members of the senate taking a stand on a clear issue of undeniable truth.  Then it was the issue of slavery, now just the fact that the office of the president of the United States does not have the right or authority to kill U. S. citizens on U. S. soil without due process.  

This should be an issue that anyone, no matter the party can agree with.  It's an issue that both parties have claimed for their own in the past but when members of the House came to the Senate to show support, as they have the right to do, the Democratic leader of the Senate had them removed. This is the same party that pretends to represent liberals, yet they abandon even liberal principles in order to protect their own power.  It was hard to tell them apart from the Republican party they so deride.

In a departure from the historical example here, Dr. Rand Paul gave a speech unlike Charles Sumner in that it was calm and measured in it's tone.  He did not call anyone out by name but merely spoke on principle, asking for a simple clear answer from the White House.  The response from McCain and the expiring republican party, on the other hand, was anything but measured and calm. It was clear enough to know that the party of McCain is not my party, and I suspect most would agree, neither is the spineless DNC.  

Now it's time for the people to decide.  Is there any bit of reason left in our society, any hope of finding the middle ground again, then we must take the opportunity to stand on issues we all can agree.  If it's too "radical" to believe that your government does not have the right to kill you on the whim of a government official then that's the kind of radical I am.  Are you that radical too?

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