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posted Jan 10, 2011, 7:14 PM by Robert Alexander   [ updated Jan 10, 2011, 7:20 PM ]

Delegate Bob Marshall

THIS IS OUR GOVERNMENT! Just as we worked together to pass my HB 10, the “Virginia Health Care Freedom Act,” which Attorney General Cuccinelli acknowledged, “gave us a unique situation based on Virginia’s unique statute, passed with bipartisan support,“ (RTD 3/23/10), we need to continue to work together to challenge the Obama Administration whenever they trample upon our Constitution or our liberty.

Please help me pass the following bills which have a direct or indirect effect on jobs and family welfare. I have introduced or will introduce these measures in the 2011 General Assembly session which begins January 12:

No Hidden Taxes/Fees  HJRes 496, a constitutional amendment, seeks to promote accountability and transparency by ending the practice of hiding fee and tax increases and removals of tax deductions in the Budget bill.

Home Ownership & Title Protection   HB 1506 seeks to protect home ownership and maintain the integrity of real property tiles by requiring proper recording in the Courthouse as investment banks buy and sell bundles of mortgages for investment securities and record transfers through a private entity, MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration System) to avoid (evade?) recordation fees and taxes. In some cases numerous banks had claimed title to the same property. This affects foreclosures and passing property on to heirs.

Block Obama Cap & Trade  HB 1397 and HB 1398 will challenge the federal government’s “Cap & Trade” mandates regarding Kyoto-like CO2 emissions and proposed federal “green” home energy audit inspections before you can sell your home.

Freedom of Information  HB 1457 and a companion bill require that if a FOI officer purposely withholds documents available under Freedom of Information, that employee is fired. It also mandates documents be classified as they are created, as either subject to or not subject to FOI to prevent huge “research” fees for FOI documents.

Life Insurance Benefits   HB 1458 requires that if the family of a deceased beneficiary does not take an immediate payout from a life insurance policy, the assets of the insurance fund must be secured so that the family of the deceased does not lose money.

Financial Stability Study  HJRes 557 studies the feasibility of a possible alternative currency in the event of a breakdown of the Federal Reserve leading to excessive inflation. Fed Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told a Congressional Committee recently that: "the federal government is on an unsustainable fiscal path." 

Federal Abuses of Bill of Rights  HJRes 558 studies and documents the compliance or non-compliance of the federal government with regard to the Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

Legal Person Status for Preborn Children  HB 1440 will begin restoring the first civil right in our Declaration of Independence, life, to preborn children in certain areas by enacting “The Missouri language,” which was already upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court and cannot be challenged. This will allow wrongful death tort suits for the death of a child before birth.

Keep Land Use Planning Local   My bill will amend current law which now requires localities to designate and rezone urban high growth areas. Localities will be permitted to examine, but will not be required to rezone these areas. This bill addresses concerns over “Agenda 21,” the United Nation’s international land use planning initiatives.

Mint Bullion Coins for Investors   I will introduce a bill to authorize Virginia to mint gold and silver bullion coins to raise revenue for Virginia. The U.S. Mint brought in $2.855 Billion in sales of American Eagle Silver, Gold or Buffalo Gold bullion coins. The Commonwealth could authorize bullion coins to be minted which could create jobs in the areas of manufacturing and sales while allowing Virginians a chance to hedge against the devaluation of the dollar.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell & VA National Guard   I will introduce a bill to continue the DADT policy in Virginia’s National Guard. The Lame Duck Congress with 13% approval rating recently ended 232 years of military policy and 6000 years of moral teaching, on a Saturday in late December by repealing DADT. See my Op Eds in the Washington Times by clicking here,the Daily Press hereand the Fox News interview by clicking here.

Lyme Disease   Rejects the very narrow CDC definition of Lyme Disease and requires that any Virginia physician who treats suspected or confirmed Lyme Disease shall report the number of persons so treated to the Commonwealth.

The bills I introduce this session can be found and tracked here:

Please ask your own state delegate and state senator to support my bills and please ask your family and friends around the state to do the same. You can find out who represents you here:

Also ask the Governor to support my bills by contacting him here:

A recent news editorial noted:
“Del. Bob Marshall is nothing if not a man of conviction. When he gets behind an issue, he’s the proverbial bulldog. He is not swayed by politics, supporters or even those in his own Republican Party. That’s why many of his constituents love him; and perhaps rightly so. Were it that every Public servant stuck to what he believed.”

The article then suggested that our country needs jobs, not a “moral compass.”

Yes, we need jobs! Without jobs, the basic building block of society, the family, suffers. People become more despondent and dependent upon government. Our economic downturn which led to unemployment, was caused in large part by reckless, immoral taxing and spending that is stealing our children’s future and causing so much uncertainty that businesses are afraid to invest, expand and hire.

Lawmakers do need a “moral compass” to refrain from stealing, cheating, spending without regard to the wellbeing of others, and seeking personal gain instead of the common good.

I will continue my 20 year record of voting against any tax increases. (My wife reminded me that had I not sued in 2007 and won a 7-0 decision in the VA Supreme Court against unelected taxing authorities in 2008, we would been forced to pay 14 additional taxes in Northern Virginia and Tidewater that would have further crippled our economy.)

My legislative district will shrink in half due to redistricting after the 2010 census. I will have a new district when I run for reelection in 2011.

I do not often ask for money, but I must ask you to please send me your most generous donation possible, to enable me to run in 2011 from a position of strength!

You can click the donate button below to make an on-line donation to my campaign. I must receive donations by Midnight, January 11. Thank you for your support which enables me to continue to work on your behalf.

Just as every elected official is a public servant, I work for you, so please send me your observations, concerns, and suggestions for legislation. Thank you for whatever you can donate at this time!

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