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posted Apr 7, 2010, 6:44 PM by Robert Alexander   [ updated Apr 10, 2010, 9:37 PM ]

York Tea Party, like the Tea Party Patriot movement is not the work of one person or group of people.  This is a restoration of how we the people look at government. We recognize that we are responsible for our own government and we must now take control of every level.  We believe in the United States Constitution, that our rights are endow by our Creator not by our government and the limited authority we lend our government should never be used against the will of the people or to gain more power.

If you believe these things than you are already a Tea Party Patriot and if you live near or are concerned with York County Virginia than you are also a member of the York Tea Party.

York Tea Party is a member of the Peninsula Tea Party group and the Virginia Tea Party Patriot Federation for the purpose of maximizing resources and improved communication and allow elected officers of these groups to speak for York Tea Party only when it is clearly stated they are doing so in an official capacity and with our permission. York Tea Party retains it's own sovereignty and likewise do our members. 

York Tea Party denounces any violence and any threat of violence.

Our mission is to facilitate the restoration of the United States of America to the republic that the founders envisioned.  As citizens and the source of government's power, we must ensure it is being used as we direct it.  This begins at home in our communities and involves every level of government and every organization that attempts to influence our government or have influence over us.  To have that level of control you must be involved yourself in all of these organizations or personally know someone who is. 
To accomplish this we must:
* Recruit more to our cause.
* Educate the public on the proper role of:
    + Government
    + Citizens

* Volunteer (do what you can do)

    + Write letters, emails, blogs
    + Promote events with flyers, emails or posting to other calendars

    + Invent new ways to volunteer

* Communicate with each other. 
    + Go to community events and meetings.
          - City Council Meetings
          - School Board Meetings
          - Budget & City Committee Meetings
          - Political Party Committee Meetings
    + Join news letters and mailing lists
          - Sign up for every representative of yours
               School Board
               City Council or Board of Supervisors
               State Delegate
               State Senators
               President (even if you didn't vote for him)
          - Political Party news letters
          - Community news letters
     + Join and use Social Networks!
          - Facebook
          - Twitter
          - Forums and Community sites
               Local news papers often have discussions for articles.

(Post a comment on every site that interests you. If you have to sign up to do so, do it!  Use the same login to make it easy to remember)

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