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All aboard the best bus trip to the March on DC!

posted Feb 26, 2010, 1:19 PM by Robert Alexander
For fifteen dollars, you can ride a bus being sponsored by a Hampton couple to help us get to the taxpayer protest that will be bigger than the 9-12 March,
April 15. $15!
Yes, that's BOTH ways. A kind couple in Hampton has sponsored a charter bus to carry 50 of us to the March.
If you're interested, let him know: Rusty: 235-2242.
He will be able to give all of us details on the exact departure and return times after he fills the bus, but it will leave from the Hampton Town Center early enough to arrive on time to the 4-15 March on DC; it will leave the event in time to get us home so we get some sleep before the next day! Yes, you'll have to take the day off from work April 15, but you'll come back with photos (here's one of mine from the 9-12 March--below) and memories of this time we got together with millions of other Americans an fixed what was wrong for so many decades with our country. You'll be able to say to your children and grandchildren,"I was one of the ones who did something about it."
Yes, you'll have to bring a bag full of snacks, drinks and food, but didn't you have to do that on the $35 bus trips?

First-come, first served. Call Rusty now, 200 people have already gotten this message and some have already reserved their $15 seat.
Cary Nunnally    757 591 8479  
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