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URGENT ACTION ALERT: Stop Anti-Gun Dem From Killing Firearms Freedom Act

posted Mar 3, 2010, 8:06 AM by Robert Alexander   [ updated Mar 3, 2010, 10:36 AM ]
Donna Holt has sent you a group e-mail from Virginia 10th Amendment Blogs.
Dear Friends of Liberty,
Anti-gun Democrat Chairman Senator Marsh has singlehandedly killed a number of gun bills passed by the House of Delegates, including the Virginia Firearms Freedom Act. ALL gun bills, including HB69, the Virginia Firearms Freedom Act, have now been sent to an anti-gun subcommittee to die.
The subcommittee's membership leaves little doubt about the fate of HB69, the Virginia Firearms Freedom Act.
Here is a list of the members of that committee:
Senator Linda T. Puller (D) anti-gun
Senator Janet D. Howell (D) anti-gun
Senator L. Louise Lucas (D) anti-gun
Senator Henry L. Marsh III (D) anti-gun
Senator Frederick M. Quayle (R) mixed gun record
Sending HB69 to a subcommittee takes advantage of a new practice of the Senate to allow the smaller group of senators to kill bills without requiring a vote of the full committee. For years the Senate has criticized the House for operating under such rules and failing to give its proposals the consideration of full committees. Yet they have decided to adopt a similar practice this year. This will ensure the bill will be killed by senators from safe districts, whose voting history on gun issues is well established. It spares Democrats on the full committee who sometimes vote for such bills a tough vote that could hurt their reelection efforts.
We can't sit idly by and allow Senator Marsh to send HB69 to certain death without a recorded vote. We have come too far to allow that to happen.

Our best move right now is to ask the Republican Majority Leader in the House, Morgan Griffith, to amend SB 501 with the Virginia Freedom Firearms Act.
SB 501 is a low priority gun bill dealing with minor issues. We would be better served to substitute the language of that bill with the language of HB69.
If the bill is amended and passed in the House, it will be sent back to the Senate for a concurrence vote and NOT sent to a subcommittee.

Morgan Griffith fixed a gun bill last year by amending it. As majority leader, he has the the power to do the same thing this year.
He is running for Congress this year and has everything to gain by doing all he can to get HB69 through the Senate in spite of Senator Marsh's sneaky tactics.

Please email Delegate Griffith TODAY and urge him to amend SB501 with the language of HB69. It is the only way to stop one anti-gun Senator from thwarting the will of the people.
Yours in liberty,
Donna Holt