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Announcing PeninsulaTeaParty.ORG

posted Apr 28, 2010, 10:10 PM by Robert Alexander   [ updated Apr 29, 2010, 5:57 PM ]
Not in any way to diminish the excellent work Jo Whistler has done and continues to do on PeninsulaTeaParty.COM, we now have PeninsulaTeaParty.ORG as an additional resource to further our objective of more communication and organization between Tea Party and other conservative groups in and around the Virginia Peninsula. The focus of the .org site is to allow free discussion of issues or topics that can benefit the cause of liberty and better citizen control over government.  Unlike some more rigid organizations there are no rules or oaths to take, save only that we expect everyone to be civil. You do not even have to be a member to make posts or comment on posts. Our goal is to allow as much liberty as possible and we welcome reasoned debate. (hint: name calling is not debate.) Please contact me if you have any questions and let's take every opportunity we can to regain control over our public servants and our government.  
Go to and check out the topics we've started so far. Suggest new ones that you would like to discuss. Visit the new open Links page and send in some of your favorite web sites to share with everyone. See the expanded instructions on how to update the public calendar and help us get organized by sharing your ideas in the many discussion topics. Take charge of one of these topics by letting me know you are willing to moderate. Also send me a note if you would like an email address and what that login would be.

Robert B. Alexander, or cell: 757 593-1719