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Apologies to my friends

posted Jan 7, 2021, 10:09 AM by Robert Bruce Alexander

I want to apologize to my friends that went to the #StopTheSteal rally in D.C.

I have gone to these things for years and felt the frustrations of feeling unheard as you have. I have felt the injustice of being ignored and of being mocked. For years the lawless, hypocritical bigots in government and media lied to our faces and flaunted their ill gotten power in attempts to destroy us and provoke us to violence. I did not go because I felt that I could not make a difference or worse, that I would lash out in anger. 

I should have been there to remind you of who you are. You and I respect the law as it is derived from the Constitution of the United States. We honor the Constitution as the greatest, most aspirational governmental document created by mankind to protect our individual rights. We strive to make our servants in government live up to it, and not circumvent it. We respect the men and women we have tasked with upholding the law as imperfect as it and they are. We respect property rights and know that our individual rights do not extend into the destruction of someone else’s rights or property. 

I apologize for not being there and not saying this earlier.  I don’t know what I could have done or even if I would have done it but I realize now that I should have tried. 

Now I am calling on anyone that assaulted an officer of the law, damaged or stolen property, or committed any crime in our nation's capital to confess and make restitution. Most of the real damage cannot be undone and may not yet be fully realized. Certainly the death of the veteran shot in the capitol building cannot be undone, nor can the impact that her death will have on her family and others.

Your Servant,
Robert Bruce Alexander --alexanderofyork