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Busy week ahead

posted Aug 25, 2009, 7:49 PM by Robert Alexander
I've added a calendar window to the home page because we have so many things going on this week.  Be sure to get out and let your voice be heard.  I know that a well funded, well organized special interest out to gain power and influence is going to be there at these events. They have the soldiers with marching orders scripted talking points and preprinted signs.  They are volunteers for "Organizing for America" and they are funded by the power hungry Democrat National Committee.  They believe they are working for the good of America but are unwilling to think for themselves.
They are ready for you and will be trying to get you to shout and scream and get angry.  We don't need to play into their expectations. We just need to present the truth and ask them to do the same.  Be ready for name calling and unfriendly treatment because they don't want you to burst their bubble by asking them to think.  Be ready with facts.  Be ready with questions.  It is time to stand and be counted!