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posted Sep 14, 2009, 8:56 AM by Robert Alexander   [ updated Sep 14, 2009, 10:20 PM ]
On 9-12 Obama writes: "... But those who profit from the status quo -- and those who put partisan advantage above all else -- will fight us every inch of the way. ... The stakes are too high to let scare tactics cloud the debate, or to allow partisan bickering to block the path."  HELLO?  Did it look like this crowd gets a check from health insurance companies? Do you think we came to DC to support ANY POLITICAL PARTY?
We filled Pennsylvania Ave. from Freedom Plaza to the Capital and overflowed the Mall from the Capital to the Washington Monument. We came from as far away as Alaska and Hawaii. We came on planes and on busses WE paid for.  We came in mini-vans and cars.  We drove, and walked, and some, pushed wheel chairs. We did not come for a show or for a rock star.  We did not come because we don't understand but because YOU don't. 
How many brain cells do you have to turn off to think that we came because we hate Obama or want to stop healthcare reform!  GET OVER YOURSELF!  Okay so you "understand the dire need for health reform." well DUH!  Who doesn't?  Now, do understand the dire need to reform our out of control government and restore our LIBERTY?  I dream of a government that would protect our liberty and protect us from fraud. I dream of a congress that would focus on writing good laws and not try to sell us insurance!  I dream of Washington being filled with people who care about this country and believe in it's citizens, people who understand the roll of government.  At least for ONE day, 9-12-2009, that last dream came true.

Here's the map of the march pictured above from near Freedom Plaza.

Charles Lollar, Marine, Freedom Plaza

Charles Lollar, Freedom Plaza

John Tate, Campaign for Liberty

Lloyd Marcus sings '2010'

Julian Kulski speech 9-12-2009

Will Green

Mike Pence Speech, 9-12-2009

Rev Bryant's Speech