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Catherine Crabill running for 1st dist.

posted Mar 31, 2010, 9:32 PM by Robert Alexander
Dear York County Patriots
I am forwarding this email on behalf of my good friend Catherine Crabill who is running as a republican for the 1st Congressional District seat currently held by Rob Whittman.
Catherine, a member of the 99th District Tea Party, is a fiery and unflinching proponent of strict adherence  to the U S Constitution and Christian principals upon which our forefathers founded this country. 
Catherine needs the support of all conservative patriots to prevail in her battle to provide true conservative representation in the U S Congress for Virginia's First District. Catherine will make herself available to present her platform in person at your next meeting upon request. An accomplished orator, she will make a lasting impression on your members with her passion to redirect the course of our nation.
Thank you for your consideration and support of a true Tea Party Patriot.
Frank Sherman 

Sent: 3/23/2010 3:32:44 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Would you be able to help...

Dear Friends,


I need to ask any of you who have the time and the motivation if you would help collect signatures. If 10 people would commit to collect 100 signatures, or 20 people would volunteer to collect 50 signatures it would be greatly appreciated. I need 1,000 valid, 1st Congressional District signatures. To date I have approximately 300, which we need for a buffer against signatures that may not be valid. We cannot accept P.O. Boxes as a valid address, for example. I have until April 9th at 5 p.m. to turn them in. I want to have these together by April 5th if possible.


I would also greatly appreciate donations of any size to help pay the filing fee which is $3,420. I have just over half collected. Checks can be written out to Catherine Crabill for Congress and mailed to the address below.


For those who are confused about why I am running against a fairly conservative Republican, Wittman, I offer the following statements below, (not necessarily in order of importance…), that were written in response to questions about my platform. To compare and contrast here is a link to Congressman Wittman’s Issues page:


Obviously, my position statements may not inspire your support. I accept that. But if you can identify with my heartfelt beliefs below I ask for your prayers, I ask you to forward this to everyone you know who may be interested, and I ask for whatever assistance you may be able to provide.

Why I am running for Congress

1. Restore morals, ethics, and respect in Congress: My primary motivation and my passionate resolve is to hold every elected official, in every branch of government, accountable to their Sacred Oath of Office to uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. The betrayal of that Sacred Oath is what has led us to the Constitutional crisis that we are in today. To falsely take this oath is perjury, a crime in itself. To so blatantly violate this oath is treason.*

The Department of Justice as well as those in office who have born witness to these crimes have become complicit in them by virtue of the fact that they have not pursued indictments against anyone in recent history committing them. The violation of the Oath of Office reaches the highest Office in the land. Every crime against our Constitution is a crime against We the People and the protection of our God given liberties inherent in that Bastion of Liberty. This blatant usurpation of power must not go unpunished.

2. Jobs: In regards to creating jobs it is not now, nor has it ever been, in the purview of government to create jobs. But it is in the purview and the responsibility of government to protect the people from unconstitutional overreaching and it’s tendencies to over regulate. The greatest job stimulus opportunity of our day is to allow access to the wealth of natural resources that our nation possesses. Here in Virginia we should be expanding development of nuclear electric plants. We should be accessing the vast oil reserves off of our coast. I would vote to support overturning the policies that have locked up millions of acres in the western states to development of oil, natural gas, and coal and return that Sovereign Authority to the States. The production of domestic energy, including renewable energy resources, will create jobs, stimulate our economy, and reduce our national and State deficits. We must deliver our nation from debts we do not owe and should not be forced to pay. We must not continue to buy energy resources from our enemies.

3. Transportation: Fees to maintain and develop our Commonwealth’s infrastructure must be collected within the constraints of our Commonwealth’s and National Constitutions to protect from abuses against We the People. Without a doubt, the policies of VDOT are typical bureaucracy, spending and allocation with no rhyme or reason. Perfectly good roads torn up and repaved while roadways severely damaged are left unrepaired. The Commonwealth of Virginia has got to restructure its spending policies to direct funds to where there is a verifiable need. Additionally, if funds collected through gasoline taxes are not sufficient to manage the vast road systems of Virginia we may need to consider privatizing roads. We may need to establish tolls. We may need to consider a variety of options including privatizing road and highway management/maintenance and leaving the contracting decisions up to each county or district. The bottom line is the Sovereignty of the Commonwealth of Virginia and all decisions that impact the same should be protected from the federal government’s manipulating influence. That includes among other things, the setting of speed limits.

4. Education: Familial education choices must be Constitutionally protected. No Child Left Behind is a failed education policy. Children are taught to memorize answers as teachers teach to pass the test. School districts need the autonomy for parents to determine their own educational protocols. Children need to be taught how to think rather than what to think. We must reject anything that resembles indoctrination. Protecting the freedom of thought and belief is of paramount importance. That would in no way prohibit but rather encourage the teaching of our religious history and the inclusion of Biblical literature as it pertains to the Judeo-Christian Heritage of our Nation which is inescapable, in point of fact. Moral instruction is absolutely imperative to produce a moral society. We must adhere to and be faithful to uphold those principles that inspired the doctrine of American Exceptionalism, without apology. Those who object to such historically religious instruction protocols would be free to opt out or provide for their children’s education privately or at home. I absolutely stand for the right to homeschool your child without a college education or being forced to provide records of a family’s educational modus operandi to the state. To reiterate, We the People are the Sovereigns as identified and protected by our Constitution. The State’s responsibility is to protect our Sovereignty from itself and the federal government. Further, I would work to abolish the Department of Education, period.

5. Responsible Fiscal Policy: No debt. Audit and dismantle the Federal Reserve. In regards to what should replace the Federal Reserve, obviously, we need to have a structure for the minting and management of our monies, but that power and responsibility should not be given over to a privately owned banking conglomerate that has absolutely no accountability to We the People. Also, we need to bring those persons to justice who have manipulated our economy and debt through fraud, bribery, and avarice. That would include, but not be limited to, every Senator and Congressman who has willingly betrayed their Sacred Oath of Office to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States by accepting bribes or in any way having been a party to it. Read: silence is consent.

Additionally, we must repeal the income tax. It is unconstitutional and it’s abuse of power has become legendary. A flat tax would set every American free from the tedium of filing complicated tax returns and be true to our Declaration of Independence which declares that all men are created equal and should be treated as such. No one should be punished through confiscatory taxation for success while, conversely, rewarding sloth.

6. Protect the Bay: Protection of the Chesapeake bay would require enforcement of the spirit and the letter of laws already on the books. Ken Smith, President of the Waterman’s Association, has fought to identify source point pollutants and has lobbied the Commonwealth of Virginia to introduce and enforce regulations of those detrimental contributors. The federal government's job would be to let the Sovereign Commonwealth of Virginia and the neighboring States that impact the Bay negotiate their own environmental treaties for the common good between them.

7. Health Care:  As per the Commonwealth of Virginia’s 10th Amendment right to self determination, I support Attorney General Cuccinelli’s proactive response to rebuff this unequivocal usurpation of power by the Obama Administration. Further, as a Congressman, I would work to overturn this Marxist inspired legislation and hold those in this Administration who cooperated in the televised bribery of elected officials accountable through the Department of Justice as well as every Congressman and Senator that participated in it. In addition, I would also like to “out” those in this Administration that introduced, perpetrated, and promoted into law the notion of fines and imprisonment of Americans who would refuse to bow their knee to this Marxist régime. This and so many other legislative initiatives are a direct betrayal of each and every elected official’s Sacred Oath of Office and should be prosecuted as such.

8. National Security: Illegal immigration puts at risk our national security. It defrauds legal immigrants of their rightful acceptance as U.S. citizens. It clouds the public perception of the legal immigrant’s legitimacy. All attempts to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants must be rejected. Our Borders must be secured especially in light of the threat of allowing terrorists access through vast unguarded territory. Additionally, drug wars along the Mexican Border threaten the security of American lives and the stability of American communities within their reach.

Our troops in every branch of service deserve rock solid support for them and their families. No set of parent should be deployed overseas at the same time leaving a child without a parent. The policy of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell should remain in place to suppress homosexual activism in the military at the very least. And in any election year our military personnel should have the guarantee that they will receive their absentee ballots in a timely manner and every military ballot will be counted without fail.

Our servicemen on the battlefront should not be threatened by ludicrous protocols that tie their hands to effectively fight and win. No serviceman should have to second guess his decision to shoot or not to shoot worrying about the liability issues that could put him in a position to be prosecuted by our own courts if he guesses wrong. This is not to be confused with deliberate and conscious acts of murder or violence against innocent civilians.

Our history with Israel demonstrates that they have been a consistent ally in an otherwise hostile region. They need and deserve our support. We should not be making friends of our enemies and enemies of our friends. We should respect the Sovereignty of Israel and its right to settle its lands and secure its borders in any way they deem fit. By developing our own oil and other energy reserves we will not be held hostage to foreign policies that tempt us to betray critical friendships with other freedom loving peoples.

9. Justice: It has been my experience in recent years that our judicial system has become fraught with corruption. Throughout this land prosecuting attorneys and other law enforcement agencies are granted unconstitutional immunities that encourage corruption through lack of accountability and the threat of prosecution. This must not stand. Additionally, the Obama Administration has granted immunity to Interpol to operate on our Sovereign soil against our Sovereign citizens. This is a betrayal of our Constitution and We the People. I consider this an aggression against our free Republic and a criminal act. We must consider the facts as they are presented to us, and in my mind, we are faced with the overwhelming evidence that we are in a fight for the very survival of our nation. Any incumbent who has failed to use their position of authority, and their commitment to their Sacred Oath of Office, to uphold and defend the Constitution has proven that they are not fit to serve. And in fact, have contributed to the great crisis we find ourselves in today.

*this statement was provided by Frank McKinney of Stafford

Catherine Crabill for Congress

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