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Demand no "public" option!

posted Aug 25, 2009, 7:53 PM by Robert Alexander
Okay, lets accept the premise that we, the individual citizens, are being taken advantage of by powerful health insurance companies.  Where can we turn for help?  Well this may very well be when we turn to government and ask; "Please protect my rights!"  What if in response to our pleas the government does not take the time to craft an enforceable law that focuses on protecting the individuals but rather ceases the opportunity grab more power and engage in the very same business that we are being victimized by.  Not only did they not protect us but by engaging in a business that we are asking them to govern, they tilt that industry in favor of the government driving some players out and increasing cost on the rest.  Like all taxes, these costs are passed on to the individual, causing more harm to those who are in need of the help.
So before asking the biggest bully on the playground to save you from being picked on, you'd better get your lunch money ready.