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Go ahead and pass the bill... With THIS Amendment!

posted Dec 1, 2009, 8:16 PM by Robert Alexander
This is the ONLY way I will accept any of the present bills out of the senate.  No new taxes will be levied and no existing will increase.  All and any new expense that is incurred due to this bill from now till the end of time will be paid for out of the income of those who vote for or sign it and their descendants.  If all income of all signers and all income of descendants of those who signed the bill has been confiscated and further expenses arise as a result of the bill than any property held by the signers and/or their descendants can be confiscated. Should all income and property of the signers of this bill not cover the resultant costs than the bill and resultant laws are dissolved and any left over funds distributed evenly to all tax paying citizens.  Call this the fair amendment and you can add it to any and all bills as far as I'm concerned.