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Google Deletes

posted Aug 13, 2013, 8:40 PM by Robert Alexander
Are we being targeted because we are a Tea Party organization?  Google has removed all references to from their domain name servers (DNS.)  

To quickly describe all the geek stuff: We got in on "Google Apps," a suite of online applications developed for business, back when it was in the free test phase.  When the ended the free test phase, we were promised that we could keep our account.  One of the things that was connected to the suite of applications was Blogger.  Our website is set up on a series of Blogger sites and the domains have been pointed to these Blogger sites though the Google DNS but all of the settings are made in the configuration of our domain provider.  Those settings are still in place. The Blogger settings are still correct also.  Only the DNS data does not exist any longer and that leaves our website inaccessible. 

Here is the letter I've posted on Blogger's help forum:

I have the domain via and have the settings correct (haven't changed since it had been working for about 3 years.) I have other domains that still point to blogger sites without issue but the DNS is no longer working primarily for the following blogs: &

I've been unable to find any notifications but my domain, while set up with my A Records and CNames they do not direct to blogger. Have Blogger and Google had a falling out or am I being targeted for being a Tea Party organization?

In a related issue that I have yet to find a way to resolve, it seems my Google Apps account has been deleted.  I don't know why but I suspect being deleted from Google's DNS for being an enemy of the statists may also have an affect on Blogger.