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Health Care Reform bills & alternatives

posted Sep 8, 2009, 8:11 PM by Robert Alexander
Tea Party Patriots:

The attached document points out how "America's Affordable Health Choice Act"  now in the Senate (the so-called "HELP" Bill) does not equate health care coverage with medical treatment delivery and how the single-payer, government-run, public-option would only make this problem worse.

For more information see the following links:

Sentate HELP Bill:

CBO Report for H.R. 3200:

Analysis of H.R. 3200:

Health Care Reform Alternatives:

John Mackey's article:

Center for Health Transformations:

Hopefully, you will find these resources useful as a means by which to persuade our senators that they should find more constructive solutions to health care reform.  Please feel free to distribute the attachment to your local members so they can edit in your senators' name and  state as well as the correct date at the top, and their own name at the bottom.  Naturally, anyone who would feel more comfortable crafting their own document to send to their senator, whether or not they include all or part of the attached document, should feel free to do so.

This document is most easily modified with WordPad which can be found on any computer running Microsoft Windows from Windows 95 on.  For best results after opening the document with WordPad (or Microsoft Word) select and click on the menu option File->PageSetup.  Be sure that Paper Size is set to Letter, Orientation is set to Portrait, and all Margin settings are 0.25.  This should ensure that the document fits on a single piece of paper without having to change the font (which - just in case - is Arial 8 Western).

Dick Morris recommends writing this type of letter out by hand, but I'm hoping that printing it out, signing it, then sending it by USPS, FedEX, or UPS (which he also recommends) will be good enough.  For many of us, even if we had the time to write it out by hand, it is not certain how legible the result would be.  Also, sending it by fax would likely be better than not sending it at all, but mailed in an envelope is the preferred method.

For Senate contact info, please see:


Scott Farris
Robert Alexander,
Sep 8, 2009, 8:15 PM