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Help Needed, Two CRITICAL Votes, Monday & Tuesday

posted Feb 15, 2011, 5:22 AM by Robert Bruce Alexander

Delegate Bob Marshall

Virginia Senate Valentine Day Vote on “Permission” to Sell Your Home:

I introduced HB 1397, to reserve to Virginia the authority over our state building code, instead of allowing Washington agencies to prohibit the sale of your home unless you comply with a federal agency energy audit, refit your home to comply with “green” building standards, and have it stamped with an energy efficient “seal of approval.”

Virginia Home Builders testified before a House of Delegates Committee in 2011 that these federal regulations which were part of the “Cap & trade” bill which passed the U.S. House of Representatives in 2009, could not be met by Virginia Home Builders.

The Obama Administration has an ideological fixation on imposing CO2 regulations on American workers and our economy. It has defied two federal court orders (Gulf Oil Drilling and Obamacare implementation). Its overreaching policies resulted in the loss of Democrat control over the U.S. House of Representatives. It is therefore very possible that the EPA, the Energy Department or another federal agency might attempt to implement these job-wrecking and extra-constitutional regulations on home construction in Virginia.

To remedy this federal usurpation, my HB 1397 is similar to the approach adopted by the 2010 General Assembly with passage of my Health Care Freedom Act, HB 10, which challenged Obamacare’s individual mandate by affirming Virginians could not be forced to purchase health insurance. See wording of HB 1397 -

HB 1397 passed the House of Delegates 68-30. It will now be heard in the Senate, at 9:00 AM Monday, February 14, by the Virginia Senate Agriculture, Conservation & Natural Resources. Please contact committee members below andurge them to vote for HB 1397. Thank you.

Mandatory Virginia Urban Development Areas (UDA’s) Made Optional--Vote Tuesday!

HB 1721 makes urban development areas (UDA’s) optional instead of mandatory. The bill passed the House of Delegates by a vote of 61 to 38 and will be heard in the Senate Local Government Committee this Tuesday. The Home Builders AssociationSouthern Environmental Law Center, the Sierra Club, and the League of Conservation Voters oppose the bill because these urban development areas concentrate population in stacked dwellings on less land which brings higher profits for some builders while ostensibly keeping other space open. However, if my HB 1721 is defeated, the state of Virginia will continue to force UDA’s in EVERY locality including rural counties, whether or not local citizens agree.Please contact Senate Committee members below by Tuesday at noon. Here are some talking points in support of HB 1721:

  1. Allows localities to choose whether the local market can bear more development in a soft market when foreclosure rates are high. (Goochland County had foreclosures up 25% in 2010)
  2. Allows localities to decide if UDAs are appropriate for their community.
  3. Allows local government, rather than the state, to manage growth.
  4. Stops localities from being forced to replace low cost housing in communities targeted for smart growth with high priced housing that will drive the elderly on fixed incomes and low-income families out of their homes.
  5. Stops localities from being forced to impose very restrictive energy and water regulations that will ration resources. Protects the individual right to own and control the use of one’s own property in Virginia Counties, Cities & Towns

Please ask the following members of the Local Governments Committee to vote for HB 1721:


Thank you for efforts which truly make a difference!


Delegate Bob Marshall
R - 13th District of Virginia

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