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Join The March Toward Liberty

posted Feb 18, 2010, 6:42 AM by Robert Alexander
The Tea Party and Patriot groups have demonstrated a model of success in Virginia by helping to push Bob Marshall's bill and other bills focusing on our 9th & 10th Amendment rights. As pointed out in his interview with Fox News Saturday, February 13th, other states are following his lead. Glenn Beck also mentioned the Virginia bill, in stating that two thirds of the states are passing the same kind of things.
To retool a political slogan, IT'S ABOUT LIBERTY, STUPID! Set we the people free and we will take care of the economy.
It is this sort of action taken by a real grass roots movement that is beginning to take this country back. It is you and me and our neighbors standing up, taking notice, and taking control. It is returning to the original design of this republic and owning up to our responsibilities to our community and our nation. This is how we will take our country out of tyranny and begin The March Toward Liberty!
Join The March Toward Liberty at

Gather together March 6th & 7th in Yorktown Virginia. Take in the history of the founding of this great nation. See the battlefield where Washington won the final battle in the War for Independence. Visit the Yorktown Victory Center, Old Yorktown, and The Victory Monument.
On the shore of the York River where in 1774 York town residents held their own Tea Party, attend rallies and informative lectures on how we are changing the coarse of government today. Guest speakers will share practical methods for individuals to get involved, influence and take control of government.

Robert B. Alexander