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Kony Tyranny vs. U.S. Tyranny

posted Mar 24, 2012, 10:02 AM by Robert Bruce Alexander   [ updated Mar 25, 2012, 4:54 PM ]
The tyranny through fear that Kony has accomplished in his region of Africa has an undeniable effect on the psyche of the youth. However different the tactics the tyranny over the minds of youth perpetrated here in the U.S. is no less impactful and likely much more pervasive. In fact, the producer of the Kony 2012 video himself is a victim of this tyranny and he demonstrates evidence of it in his video. Sadly it has so affected his mind that it has lasted well into adulthood and will cause him to destroy his own life’s work. 

For comparison, let’s first look at the tyranny perpetrated by Kony and its lasting effects. It is clear from the video that victims are impacted well beyond the physical grip of Kony. Fear rules the state of mind of those who have escaped his grasp and even those who have never come into contact with his army. It is the tyranny created by this fear of constant danger that controls the behavior of his victims and their communities. The hope of overcoming such tyranny is created by the organization Invisible Children that made the Kony 2012 video and others that have transformed the communities, building schools and organizing basic security. 

On the other hand, there is less hope for victims here in the U.S. of ever being able to overcome the tyranny of the mind that has created the impression that we are all servants to our government. Ironically, in the nation founded in self governance, we have made the government our master. Not only is this the view of those inside of government but it is so implanted in our minds that it becomes the solution to every problem we confront. 

This is even the case for the producers of the Kony 2012 video that are tackling a problem half way around the globe that does not and has no reason to involve the U.S. government yet it becomes the end game of an otherwise amazing success story. With all of the things already accomplished what sort of self destructive mind set must it take to allow the U.S. government to take over your life’s work. It seems so sad that the biggest viral video campaign ever pulled off will only lead to bureaucrats taking over all of the good work already accomplished. 

If only founding principles and the constitution were taught in our government schools instead of indoctrination enslaving the minds of our youth into believing that the U.S. Government is their master.  Only tyranny of the mind can explain such a twisted plan to stir up a large part of the populous to ask our representatives to violate the constitution in order to take money from the same populous only to waste most of that money with an inefficient bureaucracy to form a posse to chase down a bad guy half way around the world on a trail that is six years cold. 

So what's the solution?  One more simple approach may be to just do what our state department does when it tries to avoid a constitutional conflict: just hire Blackwater to consult with local governments to from a better police security force.  

As for the U.S. tyranny over the minds of young Americans, it's not as easy to solve, but it begins with you.  
  1. Recognize that YOU are here for a reason, that no one else on this earth is greater than you nor more important to the purpose for which YOU were created. No one is your master.
  2. With that, recognize that no one on this earth is lesser than you, fore each has his own purpose. No one is your slave.
  3. Find the truth and the meaning of life.  I have found it in The Bible and in Jesus Christ, but you must find it for yourself.  Nobody else can give it to you, you must seek it out and then test it, live it, know it, own it, so that you have no doubt.
  4. Know the difference between right and wrong, good and evil.  Always choose good over evil.
      • If it ever starts to seem complicated, break it down to it's most basic human emotions.
      • Never act out of hate, envy, spite, vengeance, greed...
      • Only act out of love, compassion, charity... 

  5. With that in mind and love in your heart, fight to liberate yourself and others from tyranny and injustice.