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Labor Day 2009 Taxpayers For Freedom Tea Party

posted Sep 8, 2009, 8:05 AM by Robert Alexander   [ updated Sep 13, 2009, 8:05 PM ]


Labor Day in Yorktown Virginia

September 7th, 2009

11 am - 2 pm

A special Thank you for all involved and all who came out!
No single person can take credit for what turned out to be a great day of sharing information and ideas.  The weather might have made some shy away but those that came out and stayed dispite the weather really proved the commitment you have to making a better community and better country.
from:  Frank Barger <>

date:  Tue, Sep 8, 2009 at 9:36 AM
subject:  Taxpayers for Freedom Tea Party

I would like to thank everyone who braved the wet weather to attend the Taxpayers for Freedom Tea Party in Yorktown yesterday.  Although the weather didn't cooperate, the messages were loud and clear, nobody is happy with the direction the country is headed.  The messages ranged in content from Fair Tax to Second Amendment rights.  We even had a surprise speaker join us as Thomas Nelson, Jr., a direct descendant of Thomas Nelson, Jr who signed the Declaration of Independence. A special thanks goes out to the York County Sheriff's Department who not only had officers at the event ensuring our safety but also permitted us to move into a large tent where we were protected from the rain.  I wish all who will be attending the 912 trip to Washington much success and a safe journey.
Until we meet again, God bless and keep the faith,
Frank Barger

Thank you for helping out, speaking out, and coming out!
Notice: Please send in your speeches, notes or pictures and video for the new Speeches section to the site.  


Roger Pogge: Invocation

Marvin Burgess: Jobless Socialism


Brenda Pogge: greeting from Bob McDonnell

MD Sias: Salt & Light +"God Bless America on banjo" at end

Thomas Nelson Jr.: Founding father, Thomas Nelson Jr.

Robert B. Alexander: Greatest Accomplishment of Man Kind

Ronald Owen Woodward: FairTax

Charley Goodwin: back to the constitutional principles

Philip Van Cleave, Pres. VCDL: Gun Rights - Canary in Coal Mine

Buck Browning: Fairtax advantages

J. Christopher Stearns: Free Markets and Sound Money

Glenn McGuire: FairTax

Linda Fairman: General Welfare clause

Frank Barger: Cash for Klunkers