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No Thank You to higher taxes.

posted Jan 20, 2013, 8:06 PM by Robert Alexander   [ updated Jan 20, 2013, 9:45 PM ]
This is but one of many indicators that our Board of Supervisors as a whole have lost there grip on what there real duty as public servants is. It is not to continue to justify the bureaucracy but to reign it in. We the citizens are not concerned with the county government maintaining it's power but rather that the people get the services they need by the most efficient means.
If some services suffer in hard times than so be it. We should establish our priorities on law enforcement and education and the rest will have to withstand the cuts. For example: Sidewalks are nice but if a neighborhood wants them bad enough, they can build them. The zoning bureaucracy can be gutted. Why is the county spending money on prosecuting a case over the definition of "aquaculture?" 

I don't know how much was spent on drafting the Comprehensive Plan but that too is a waste of paper it's not yet printed on. It seems to ignore most of the input from the early public hearings only to push the same UN agenda of consolidating population and continued government overreach. While using words like "coherent overall master plan" it contradicts even it's own polling of what the residents of York County like and want, rural open communities, and pushes for more dense "mixed use" developments and contradicts that yet again by insisting on arbitrary restrictions on agriculture, aquaculture and commerce without and direct relevance to infrastructure or impact on the rights of neighbors. 

No, the BoS have plenty of areas to cut spending and if they need any help finding it they have plenty of citizens ready and able to point it out. They can start with two thirds of the text of our zoning and property use laws followed by two thirds of the bureaucrats employed to process it. Oh, and have I mentioned the waste of pursuing a case to VA Supreme Court only to sure up the power of the local bureaucracy to fill out forms and collect fees. 
No, thank you! I have all the government I can afford. 
Robert Bruce Alexander,