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OFA, a DNC top down simulation of a grass roots movement.

posted Aug 1, 2009, 3:22 PM by Robert Alexander   [ updated Aug 2, 2009, 12:55 PM ]
Organizers and participants of Organize For America may truly believe they are a grass roots organization but in an open meeting at the Newport News Library today the presenters and meeting documents reveal it to be nothing more than a champaign to promote the Democratic National Committee agenda what ever it may be.  The meeting, part of a "Listening Tour," complete with preprinted "Key Learnings from Volunteers" was a fairly well executed propaganda tool of the DNC made to appear like they were actually there to listen to people that showed up.  The agenda was set. Even the input from the volunteers was predefined.  Difficult questions for information and what effect they could have on a health bill being rushed through congress were met with redirection and promises for more information coming later in the meeting or by email.  Bobby Scott was there and was coaxed into giving a report on the health care bill which according to the congressman would end up costing tax payers and businesses nothing at all, and all funding would come from the government running a better more efficient version of what the private sector is already providing in health care insurance plans.  Scott asked of the OFA to help get more of those who would benefit from this plan to be registered voters so those tax paying voters that were against the plan would not matter as much in his and other law makers decision to support it.  Most left the meeting feeling satisfied that they, the people, were making a difference in their government and went home to wait for their marching orders to be emailed from the highest office of government.