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One last bus for 912 march on DC

posted Sep 3, 2009, 7:17 PM by Robert Alexander
> From: Karen Hurd <>
> Subject: ABSOLUTELY LAST BUS (#6) for D.C. + hotel +
> Carpool
> To: "Rick Smartt" <>
> Date: Thursday, September 3, 2009, 5:53 PM
> Hey everyone-
  Matt of Cruise One Vacations and Charter Bus Magic Man has scored ONE MORE BUS.  He also got the Alexandria Mark Hilton to free up 10 more rooms at the $79 rate. He and his wife have literally spend 200 hours making the arrangments for us. Please give him your cruise business. Matt has done all of this without any commission.  Matt is also a member of the HRTP advisory board.

 So here's the deal. We are down to the wire, and we cannot make exceptions:
 The bus departs 6:30 PM on 9/11 from Pembroke Mall w/ one stop in Newport News (approx 7:00-7:15). 
Return is Saturday night approx 10:30 PM. Yes you can park your car overnight.

 You must order your seats ASAP.  This bus seats only 47 people.  We are trying to contact the waiting list first, but some folks don't return messages.
> It is too late in the game.
> Do not wait.  This bus is costing us over $2K plus tip, driver per diem and increased parking fees.  Just wanted to let you know what all is involved. 
> ALSO: there is a bus departing from Franklin Virgina at 6:00 AM on Saturday 9/12.  I do not have their itinerary.  If you want that bus, contact Mike at  Put 9/12 DAY BUS in the subject line.
> 1) order your bus ticket now.  20 of the 47 seats are presold.
> I am updating the page right now.
> We must do this w/Pay Pal only b/c of the short time frame.  Sorry, we don't have time for you to mail a check.
> 2) Get your hotel room.  Call the hotel directly at 703-845-1010
> Ask for the Hampton Roads Tea Party block.  When they sell out of the next 10 rooms @$79- it's back to $139.
> We will post the itinerary on the site in the next few days.
> 3) CARPOOLS: We cannot process individual requests for carpooling.
> 4) ROOMATES: ditto
> 5) We set up a forum so you can find a carpool and/or a room mate. You must register to use the forum. 
> TSHIRTS: We have ordered 350 Tshirts for the March.
> They will be $10 each.  We will have the onsite ordering for that by Friday.  They are yellow shirts specifically for the D.C.. March.

> Obamacare care supporter bites off finger of a health freedom supporter.  Such much for "civil discourse".  Geez, what is it with the left and fingers?
> Take a stand in D.C.!!!
> Karen, Marshall and the HRTP board
> Hampton Roads Tea Party is a 501(c ) 4 organization.
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