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Petitions for "Vote of No Confidence"

posted Jul 3, 2009, 9:19 AM by Robert Alexander
Fellow Patriot, Thank you for hosting the Tea Party, July 4th. We are asking that, if it is favorable to you, would you be able to provide the participants of your Tea Party with these petitions of “Vote of No Confidence” so as to give a voice to many and present to the Representative of your District. We are in the process of collecting these petitions to present a “Vote of No Confidence” to each Representative that has compromised our nation with their harmful legislation. The goal is to tackle the House of Representatives, District by District. Once each District is in political jeopardy, that Representative will receive permission from Pelosi to vote against the set agenda, as has been noted with the first Stimulus Package. Our website is : Step 1. Go to website, Step 2. Print out the petition, Step 3. Address to Representative, Step 4. Send to DC Works For Us @ 265 S. Federal Hwy. #294, Deerfield Beach, Fl. 33441 The next goal is once their political power is held back, we have the steadfast Representatives present legislation that will rescind the damage that has been done. ONE NATION, and DISTRICT by DISTRICT, we can claim it back. Please email me your response, Thank you in advance. You can also find us on facebook just click the link: or in the search bar type in DC WORKS FOR US. Your Fellow Patriot, Sharon Taylor

Sharon Taylor