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Re: Organization of Tea Parties

posted Jul 16, 2009, 12:43 PM by Robert Alexander
I am all for increased organization of information and resources to allow maximum use of everyone's efforts.  However, if we are to build any kind of organization it must be done using the same principle of liberty used by our founding fathers in creating the constitution. 

We cannot compete with ACORN on their same level.  They use fear and 1/2 truths to motivate many of a single type of citizen to action quickly for a short time.  We must rely on whole truths and more complete facts to motivate a large variety of citizens to sustained and ever increasing action.  Our task can be more difficult but if we stay true to our founding fathers vision and respect the liberty and individual sovereignty of each and every person willing to contribute to this cause, than we shall have the advantage.  Fore if you do not limit our liberty, our potential has no bounds.

That being said, I am certainly looking forward to creating a more powerful and effective Tea Party movement.

The York Tea Party sprang from and is still a part of Peninsula Tea Party started by Jo Whistler with the tax day tea party in Newport News. I think it's most fare to say that from there we have relied upon many individuals stepping up and contributing a large variety of resources and skills for each subsequent event. Some estimates of the numbers at the tax day tea party were like 500 or so. Tea Parties held at two locations on July 4th drew less than 100 and Friday events were estimated at about 20 at Bobby Scott's Newport News office and 45-50 at Rob Wittman's Yorktown office.  Mike Thompson & Rick Smartt were the leads on the last two respectively.  Jo Whistler was, ofcourse the lead on the tax day one as well as the July 4th in Newport News while I was the lead on the Yorktown July 4th event.  However, these events may well be a good model for how a larger group of tea parties could operate by pooling resources of all individuals involved to accomplish each of the multiple events.