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Riverwalk Landing hard on York tax payers

posted Feb 11, 2010, 5:08 PM by Robert Alexander   [ updated Mar 3, 2010, 1:08 PM ]

Riverwalk Landing ice cream parlor owner seeks $160,000 from York County
The owner of a popular ice cream parlor at the Yorktown waterfront sent a $160,000 claim to the county that says he was overcharged for rent, charged for outside construction that he shouldn't have had to pay for and singled out for "disparate" treatment by the county's economic development office.
Documents: Riverwalk: Monetary claim against York County and Economic Development Authority

To many York County Concerned Citizens,
Many of you missed the last meeting at Tuscany's.... it was a real eye opener !! There were over 75 concerned taxpayers there.
Mr McReynolds & Jim Noel have agreed to come to the March Tuscany's meeting to give the County's side of the Riverwalk Landing issues.
If you agree or disagree with Jim Haas's message BELOW..... even if you were not there, feel free to chime in...
Do we need an investigation of what has happened at Riverwalk?
When we receive an estimate of $5,572 just to receive emails(that are public information under the Freedom of Information Act) from our County Attorney(a public servant that works for us), does it feel like the York Co staff have something to hide?
A few items that were mentioned last Thursday night:
1. 5 million dollars in cost overruns(the County told me a few months ago in a Freedom of Information Act request that there were NO cost overruns)
2. there were 27 false fire alarms at just one store, due to the landlord's(York County EDA) unwillingness to install a $100 alarm protector(l wonder what it has cost to send 2/3 fire trucks out to Riverwalk 27 times)
3. there have been periods of weeks at a time that there was no heat at some of the shops
4. the Riverwalk shop owners heating and cooling was agreed to be supplied by the landlord(York County EDA), according to their lease and that they have not honored this commitment. There were not even thermostats installed in each shop
5. there was some very disturbing discussion on how some York County officials may have given false &/or misleading testimony while under oath in court proceedings
6. that one shop owner has spent well over $150,000 in costs, legal fees etc since being at Riverwalk on Riverwalk related issues due to some members of the Yk Co staff acting in bad faith
7. that York County EDA spent approx $100,000 in legal fees dealing with $27,000 worth of complaints/issues from one shop telling how much they have spent in taxpayer dollars on other Riverwalk conflicts
8. that there are several lawsuits being considered by Riverwalk shop owners against York County
9. that there are many examples of waste, unfairness & mismanagement on the part of York County officials
10. that several shop owners have been overcharged rent due to exaggerated sq footage of their shop
11. that Riverwalk has been managed by 2 different private companies, non of which have solved these issues
I am not making the above accusations.... but they are coming from shop owners in Riverwalk. We need our Bd of Supervisors to discover the truth, right the wrongs, and/or discredit these accusations if they are untrue.
If you agree with Jim Haas, then he has requested that you send an email to the BOS members ..... they are the ONLY ones that have the authority to investigate this important issue. They are the ones that are supposed to be safeguarding the tax dollars collected from us & insuring that they are used wisely.
They are also the ones that need to make York County a "business friendly" environment so that more businesses will want to relocate here, to reduce the tax burden on families.
22 millionspent to build Riverwalk
18 million spent to build recent Sports Complex to provide 13 ball fields,even though we already had 65, some of which are grossly underutilized
40 million when added together
Millionsmore each year to run the Sports Complex & Riverwalk Landing....When will the excessive spending STOP?
How does this affect the average family in York County?
For every 10 million spent by the Bd of Supervisors, it cost the average family of 4 over $600 !!!!
If you choose to reach out to the Bd of Supervisors to let them know how you feel, here is their contact info or you can hit reply all.
Greg Garrett
Cell: 757-879-1504

Your 2 cents...

A perfect example of even small government can go wrong BIG TIME when it deviates into non-essential services, in this case becoming a commercial landlord.  If you know what is going on and want to help contact Just Cause.  If you don't know what is going on, scroll down further and read the emails and documents.

An account has been opened for JUST CAUSE FOUNDATION at Towne Bank. Pertinent info on the organization is as follows:

Just Cause Foundation
Founding Executive Director James C. Smith, Jr.
101 Mill Road, Suite B, Yorktown, VA 23693

TIN: 26-1795518

Purpose: To encourage and promote a better understanding of government and authority at all levels including regulatory boards, appointees and designated instrumentalities; provide guidance, information and resources for citizens to aid in protecting their property and rights; to cacilitate communication and education and to do all such other actes and actions as are permissible under the law.

From: "Amy B. Reineri" <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2010 22:52:39 -0500
Subject: Re: Space Measurements
According to their own measurements, the team from the experienced architect (perhaps G&T?) has measured what BOMA refers to as Building Gross, and not BOMA Rentable, Useable or any of the six or seven other typical methods used for measuring rental property in this area and endorsed and standardized by BOMA.  This is especially apparent as they measured the "canopy" area, which is only part of the Gross standards.  There is no direct corrolation between what was measured and Leasable calculation unless specifically called out by your lease.  Further, even BOMA Rentable subtracts common areas such as the public restrooms, which I am certain the architects would have removed had they been advised to measure your space as opposed to being asked to make a Gross measurement of the entire exterior of the building.  Gross is simply not the same measurement as Leasable or, per BOMA's terminology, Rentable. The weighted dimensions do come in close to my Exterior measurements, though the non-weighted ones do not, which is peculiar.
They did not subtract the Gross calculation for the Pump Room, but used the Usable.  If the standard is Gross, the Gross Pump Room size should be subtracted, since it is on an outside wall.  Canopy calculation can be disregarded unless the Lease mentions if specifically or mentions BOMA Gross specifically.  They also did not take the corresponding interior measurements at the demising wall for Stars & Stripes, resulting in a measurement that is not to the demising but simply dimensions the building to the next largest exterior feature, which is not correct.  Demising measurements require specific location of the demising wall.
As an architect who is also very experienced working with Commercial Real Estate, I have no problem meeting this other architect or anyone else out there at the site to review BOMA standards as they apply to the spaces in question. 
Amy B. Reineri
Casa Architects
P.O. Box 2069
Newport News, VA 23609
office: 757-833-6317
cell: 757-592-2984
Exterior - 2064SF
Exterior to midline of demising - 1767SF
        Same with exclusion of chimineys as purely decorative elements - 1742SF
Interior Floor Area without Bay - 1494SF
Interior Display Area (includes Bay base surface) - 1523SF
Interior Display Area, BOMA - 1561SF
         Inside of interior walls, inside of glass at major glass areas (3 front) and mid-point for demising walls
Exterior to midline of demising - 1950SF
Exterior less entire Pump Room (centerline of demising) - 1834SF
         Exterior Pump Room (centerline of demising) - 116SF
Interior less Pump Room (centerline of demising) - 1720SF
         Interior Pump Room (centerline of demising) - 102SF
Interior Display Area, BOMA less pump room (centerline of demising) - 1800SF
          Interior Display Area, BOMA Pump Room only (centerline of demising) - 101SF

Robert Alexander,
Mar 3, 2010, 1:09 PM