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Scott Brown Surges to 4% Lead in Mass.

posted Jan 15, 2010, 6:50 AM by Robert Alexander
From: Joe Wierzbicki – Tea Party Express
Date sent 01/14/2010 09:01:05 pm
Subject: BREAKING NEWS: Scott Brown Surges to 4% Lead in Massachusetts

It is with great excitement that we are passing on to you this breaking news development from Massachusetts where a brand new poll has Republican Scott Brown surging to a 4% lead in the polls for the Special Election for U.S. Senate.

Scott Brown now leads liberal Democrat Martha Coakley by a 50%-46% margin.  This is the first time Brown has hit the magical threshold of 50% in a poll, suggesting he has the momentum to win this race in this heavily Democratic state!

The Democrats are in a state of panic and have just dumped even more money into this race.  We here at the Tea Party Express are countering with our own TV ad campaign for Scott Brown that is running into the hundreds of thousands of dollars - thanks to your support.

Tomorrow we are expanding our ad buy even more - and we need your support.  The final deadlines for us to purchase advertising is the end of the day Friday, and then one last time for the end of the day Monday.  This is it, there are no more tomorrow's - we must make our final push now!

You can make a contribution to our campaign effort for Scott Brown - HERE.

We must take action, for if we can pull out a victory, we stop the Democrats dead in their tracks in their effort to secretly ram through their socialistic healthcare plan.

That's because Scott Brown wholeheartedly opposes the Democrat's government-run healthcare plan and has made his opposition to it a central part of his campaign.

If Brown wins then he will be the deciding vote to kill the socialistic healthcare monstrosity in the Senate!

You can contribute any amount you can afford, from as little as $5 to the maximum allowed $5,000 -- CLICK HERE to CONTRIBUTE --

If you prefer you may also mail in a contribution to our finance headquarters:

Tea Party Express
ATTN: Scott Brown for Senate
770 L Street #1020
Sacramento, CA 95814