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Silly Liberals will destroy the economy just to feel good

posted Sep 28, 2011, 4:30 PM by Robert Alexander
I'm sorry for the "silly liberal" comment. It's a lazy shortcut to what should be a more substantial argument that liberals are not concerned about serious issues and are satisfied with feel good answers in place of real solutions.
Along the same lines, some liberals admit that the "tax the rich" approach is just political, as in just to gain favor with the masses.  They back it up with "most want raise taxes on the wealthy so why not?"  which is exactly what I am talking about.  We don't live in a Democracy!  The people can't just take property from others just because "most want to."  I've cought some that make my point for me by contradicting themselves by saying "Most millionaires will find a way around it" and then turn around and say that it would bring more money into the government coffers.

Now lets look at Obama's latest tax the rich bill. Logically only the small business man would suffer because of having little capital to move around to avoid the new tax.  If that brings in any money it will be at the expense of some of the jobs that small business provides.  The real rich are not in need of income at all (remember they are rich) so they have the flexibility to avoid the taxes no matter how you configure it.  So if you raise tax on income there will be less income & less money to the coffers.  If you raise taxes on capital gains there will be less investment (to avoid any capital gains) and so less gains, still less money to the coffers, AND less money in the economy!  Talk about the rich hording money?  This is a government mandate to! Can you say "gold at a new all time high?"  

So liberals, Obama still makin' ya feel good?