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Stop these Senators from selling out!

posted Jul 29, 2009, 4:54 PM by Robert Alexander

According to Grassfire, the following U.S. Senators are trying to reach a "compromise " on the health care bill.  They need to hear from us that the only compromise we want is to scrap this bill entirely..
Senator Max Baucus 202.224.2651
Senator Chuck Grassley 202.224.3744
Senator Kent Conrad 202.224.2043
Senator Jeff Bingaman 202.224.5521
Senator Olympia Snowe 202.224.5344
Senator Mike Enzi 202.224.3424


Note from Ken Cook of American Liberty Aliance:

SUBJECT: Conference call tonight Wednesday 8 PM Eastern:  STOP SOCIALIZED MEDICINE:

Sorry for the late notice and short information and if you got this twice (or more!). We want to know what you are doing so we can get people plugged in with you.

HEALTH CARE EMERGENCY - Blue Dogs Drop the Ball

We are having a conference call tonight at 8PM Eastern if you care to join in. Subject - stopping government controlled socialist health care in its tracks. The call is open to as many callers as will fit on the lines.

Thanks for sharing.

Ken Cook
American Liberty Alliance
Leadership Committee
678-439-VOTE (8683)

- Jo -