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Tea Party takes orders from Satan?

posted Jan 25, 2012, 9:07 PM by Robert Alexander   [ updated Jan 30, 2012, 7:16 AM by Robert Bruce Alexander ]
Listen, I don't doubt the most people in the Tea Party movement would agree that the elections of 2012 are very important.  Never the less, not only are most still treating politics as a game, many are taking their marching orders from the Devil himself.  Sounds like hyperbole? No, I assure you my reasoning is sound and really more simple than you think.  

Now I'm not talking about the obvious unscrupulousness of the GOP, coming just shy of illegality by requiring you to pledge to "support" the Republican candidate in the next election if you wish to participate in their primary.  They only imply that you are to vote for whomever they run no matter who that will be.  This is merely misleading trickery and should be met with a similarly vague rational of promising to "support" the candidate in whatever way you see fit, even if the best way to "support" him is to vote for the Libertarian.

Regarding the Virginia GOP setting restrictions such that only 1/2 of the candidates are on the primary ballot in Virginia, I don't really count that as much evil as it is stupid.  It just means that Virginians have less of a voice on the national Republican candidate and the VA GOP becomes less significant.  So voters who want to make a principled vote, say for Rick Santorum, will have to simply vote for or against the front runner if we are not able to write in our true choice. 

Really though, we are not talking about the GOP or even the Tea Party as a whole.  No, when I ask if someone is taking orders from Satan, I am asking about individuals.  After all, traditionally such deals have always been done on a one on one basis.
If it were only that the political game players were gambling with my liberty and that of my children, well I would only identify them as being morally reprehensible.  And while I feel it should go without saying, the fact is that it is not said nearly enough that anyone who would play politics like it's just a horse race or some team sport, especially at such a critical time, is at best unethical.  

The individuals that go beyond unethical are the ones who base their decision in these primaries on who "can win" or who "can't win" in the following election.  Call me generous in my evaluation of the average voter, but I don't think they can be so stupid as to think they can measure elect-ability like it is unaffected by the votes yet to be cast!  The effect is no reason for it's own cause.  No I have to much respect for my fellow man to assume he is voting so frivolously.  So this leads be to conclude that they must be hearing some voice from beyond the natural world predicting the future.  For me, and maybe it's just me, but I really try to listen to only one supernatural source and that's God. I also can admit to consulting Him on this topic. He never seems to just tell me the future though, and the elect-ability diviners never give God credit for their mystic insight.  That leaves only one other supernatural source either directly or indirectly.

I am fully aware that this may upset a few people in the Tea Party, so I am offering this as my opinion for your consideration and I do so on my own behalf and not on behalf of any of the organizations I belong to.  That being said, if you think I am implying that you are a minion of the Devil because you base your primary choices today on elect-ability or a future result, you are mistaken.  I am outright saying it.

Robert Bruce Alexander,
citizen & principled voter.