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Thousands to gather in support of 10th Amendment Legislation

posted Jan 15, 2010, 8:00 AM by Robert Alexander


Thousands of Tea Party Patriots Expected to Gather at the Virginia State Capitol

In Support of Tenth Amendment Legislation

Date: January 15, 2010  
Contact: Karen Miner Hurd, Communications                    Phone: 757-301-1855 (direct) 


Jamie Radtke, Chairman           Phone: (804) 301-5301 (direct) 

Richmond, VA – This Monday, January 18th, thousands of Tea Party patriots from across Virginia will gather at 9 AM at the State Capitol for an all day lobbying session and rally (10 AM – 11 AM) in support of two 10th Amendment bills being introduced in the current legislative session. The Virginia Tea Party Patriots have played a pivotal role in securing legislative sponsors for these bills and will be mobilizing thousands in support of these 10th Amendment bills at the Monday Rally that is being coordinated by VA Campaign for Liberty.

Historically, a 300 - 500 person turnout is considered very large for a State Capitol Rally; however, Virginia Tea Party Patriots expects at least 2,000 to attend the rally this Monday. Chartered buses will be bringing people to Richmond from across the state to urge their representatives to support these two bills.

“We are seeing an enormous response from average Virginians who are tired of the national government eroding our freedoms and taking control of all their decisions,” said Karen Hurd, Communications Director of Virginia Tea Party Patriots. “We expect them to turn out in force on Monday and send a powerful message that they have finally had enough.”

Mark Lloyd, Vice Chairman of Virginia Tea Party Patriots further stated, “Virginia is one of many states advancing similar bills, but we are a leader in moving so quickly and garnering such strong support. Passing these bills would be an open rejection of President Obama’s agenda toward greater national control.”

10th Amendment Bill #1: The health care legislation pending in both houses of Congress mandates that individuals purchase a minimum level of health insurance as deemed adequate by the national government. The penalty for non-compliance includes fines, penalties and even possible jail time in the House version. The Health Care Freedom Act (HB 10 & SB417) states that the national government cannot mandate health insurance in Virginia, nor fine, tax or imprison an individual who declines to have health insurance.

10th Amendment Bill #2: The Firearms Freedom Act (HB69) will also be taken up by the General Assembly. It dictates that firearms manufactured and purchased in Virginia are beyond federal control. This is a direct challenge to the way the commerce clause of the Constitution has been applied to regulate interstate commerce. 

About Virginia Tea Party Patriots

Virginia Tea Party Patriots is a statewide tea party federation of local, non-partisan patriot groups established to advance and strengthen the Founding principles and God-given rights predicated in the U.S. and Virginia Constitution.  Our mission is to encourage and facilitate citizen participation in the political process and empower all citizens with a voice to demand Constitutional governance. 

For more information about the Capitol event, or to schedule an interview call Jamie Radtke, Chairman of Virginia Tea Party Patriots at 804-301-5301 or e-mail at