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Trouble donating?

posted Jul 2, 2009, 4:42 AM by Robert Alexander
We are sorry to hear some folks are having trouble donating via paypal.  Our button & link is to a standard form of theirs and since we are trying to run things with little overhead we spent little time & no money on doing something more custom. 

Another way to pay is if they just go to and click on "send money."  Our email for receiving money is and any way you send money to that address will work.  Sometimes Paypal can be less than intuitive and it tries to get you to sign up for a full account.  If folks are leery of giving too much info to paypal the best thing is to use a real credit card and not a debit card so if you ever have a problem with paypal you can stop payments and even reverse payments through the credit card company.

Accounting is easier if it's all in and out of the one paypal account.  Also we do not get any of your form of payment information so less worries for donators as well as for us.

Those who want to avoid paypal all together can pay directly for an expense like printing flyers or making extra signs for the event.  Getting the word out is the most valuable thing we need now.