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Va 10th amendment Revolution

posted Feb 1, 2010, 8:00 AM by Mary Leedom

Look how far we've come!

We now have 40 co-patrons in the House and 9 in the Senate for HB10, Virginia Healthcare Freedom Act. 

The Senate health care bills, SB417, SB283, and SB311, had the support of two Democrats, Senator Phillip Puckett and Senator Charles Colgen,  in the Commerce & Trade Committee.  If we can keep their vote on the floor, we can win today with a deciding vote by Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling.  You can watch the live stream from the floor at noon today here.

The Virginia Firearms Freedom Act, HB69, is picking up momentum with 21 co-patrons in the House and 4 in the Senate. DEMOCRAT, Senator Phillip Puckett, has now signed on as a co-patron.  If we can get one more Democrat on the Senate side to support HB69, WE CAN GET THIS BILL PASSED INTO LAW!!!

You are amazing to get so much accomplished in so little time and should be very proud.  You showed up, you called, you wrote letters, you sent emails.  YOU HAVE MADE A HUGE DIFFERENCE.

HB69 is likely to be heard in the Militia, Police, & Public Safety Subcommittee #1 on Thursday, February 4 at 5PM in the 5th Floor West Conference Room. Watch for an email confirmation of that agenda later this week and make plans to be there if you can.

If you have not contacted the members of this subcommitte who are not co-patrons for HB69, please do so today.

Delegate H. Morgan Griffith (R)  

Delegate David A. Nutter (R) 

Delegate Mark L. Keam (D)

We only need the vote of one of these gentlemen to get this bill on the House floor for a vote.

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to defending our rights in Virginia.