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York citizens, Feb 13, Demand a resident bill of rights!

posted Jan 20, 2013, 9:19 PM by Robert Alexander   [ updated Jan 20, 2013, 9:24 PM ]
York County Planning Commission, in defiance of much of the input at earlier public hearings have put forth a draft of the comprehensive plan that continues the same government overreach and bureaucratic tyranny in affect today.  They are intent on continuing the same path that today has the Board of Supervisors considering a tax hike to be able to prop up the bloated power hungry local government.  If left unchecked, the public servants we have elected will allow our rights to be trampled in order to secure their own power and institutionalize their authority over us.  

There is a limited time to act.  Send an email to the commission at and demand that a "resident bill of rights" be a part of the comprehensive plan.  

Draft of Comprehensive Plan

  • The right of an individual to do what he/she wills on and with his/her own property should not be infringed as long as it does not infringe on the rights or property of his/her neighbors.
  • Zoning laws and property use restrictions shall be for the purpose of agreed upon growth and population density controls or matters that directly impact infrastructure and therefore costs to the county taxpayers.
  • There shall be no restrictions on a persons right to engage in commerce, produce food, or take full advantage of all rights protected by the constitution of the United States of America.
  • Any fees for exceptions to ordinances should be based on the impact the activity has to the taxpayer, not simply to pay for the bureaucracy responsible for requiring the exception.
Be at the hearing at 7 PM on February 13th to let them know you are in charge.

Follow the links below for more information on the Comprehensive Plan and the public hearing.
Also you may comment on the documents copied here:

     The York County Planning Commission has scheduled a public hearing to receive public comment on the draft updated Comprehensive Plan titled Charting the Course to 2023: The County of York Comprehensive Plan. The public hearing will take place at the Commission's regular meeting on Wednesday, February 13, 2013, at 7 p.m. in the Board Room at York Hall, 301 Main Street in Yorktown. The draft updated plan can be downloaded from the Planning Division website at
     The Comprehensive Plan is the long-range plan for the physical development of the county, and the Code of Virginia requires that it be reviewed at least once every five years. The five-year Comprehensive Plan review began in February 2012 with a series of community forums conducted jointly with James City County and Williamsburg, followed by public meetings in May and June that were targeted specifically to York County citizens. The Planning Commission then held a series of work sessions from June through October to review and discuss the various elements of the Plan, and a telephone survey of county residents was conducted in August to obtain statistically valid data regarding general community goals relating to the physical development of the county. These efforts culminated in the preparation of the draft updated Plan.
     Those who wish to comment on the draft Plan but cannot attend the public hearing may submit their comments to the Planning Commission by using the contact information below:
                        Mailing Address:        York County Planning Division
                                                            P.O. Box 532
                                                            Yorktown, VA 23690-0532
                        Phone:                         (757) 890-3404
                        Fax:                             (757) 890-3418
     The Planning Commission will consider the comments it receives before taking action on the draft Plan. Once approved by the Commission, the Plan will be transmitted to the Board of Supervisors for consideration and final adoption.
     For more information, please contact the Planning Division using the information above.
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Comprehensive Plan

The draft updated Comprehensive Plan titled Charting the Course to 2035: The County of York Comprehensive Plan is now available for public review and can be downloaded from the Planning Division web site at
The York County Planning Commission has scheduled a public hearing to receive public comment on the draft Plan at its next meeting on Wednesday, February 13, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. in the Board Room at York Hall, located at 301 Main Street in Yorktown.
If you have questions or comments, please contact the Planning Division at (757) 890-3404 or by email at