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Mike Prunty, Labor Day 2009: Call for Action

posted Sep 7, 2009, 9:09 PM by Robert Alexander   [ updated Sep 7, 2009, 9:49 PM ]



Fellow Conservatives and Patriots,


It is time for us to accept a most difficult realization that the current occupation of our White House is by that of criminals, subversives, and traitors. No longer must it be dismissed with uncertainty any further doubt of our own fears, but the recognition and resolve through the power available only to a passionate and determined collective people, if not by their elected representatives, to take the reclamation of their rights and freedoms into their own hands. This action should be of the greatest urgency and by any existing Constitutional means available. But ultimately, by any means necessary, as it is through the corruption without compunction of our existing legal, elective, and legislative processes that we are being so grievously betrayed.


Our national representatives, our President and his administration, and even those who judge us in our courts can no longer be trusted with any matter at hand. Their deviousness pervades everything to which they conspire and seek to accomplish. They seek to effect a malevolent control over every available aspect of our lives. The President and Congressional leaders who deliberately abuse our delegated power and authority, betray our every trust, deny and overlook among themselves every misdeed and violation of our very laws by which they then prosecute the people, and hasten at every opportunity to acquire self advantage and enrichment at the expense of our rights, freedoms, and prosperity, must at last be held accountable to us...and by us.  


This President and his accomplices have placed our nation into its darkest hour of Constitutional crisis. Every day which passes brings by their actions further damages to our economy, compromises to our national security, and trespasses into our lives and to our children's futures. We must now be most direct with the course of our protestations toward a call for what must be the only righteous and acceptable resolution. 


We should now resolve to begin demanding that President Obama and all his officers step down from office, and we should now commence the building of a national movement to force Congressional impeachment investigations into acts by this President to deliberately undermine the Constitutional process which he swore to uphold and defend, and commit treason against the United States and its people. We believe the evidence now abounds, and that as "we the people" are sovereign, it is to that which these demands must be attended.


It is time for the boldness and resolve we now muster to overcome that of those who seek to betray, diminish, and enslave us. Is their arrogance so great as to provoke us to insurrection? May the wrath and nature of our revolution rise as necessary to and exceed the level of their deafness!!


If it is now time for the Second American Revolution, let it begin. 



Mike Prunty

President and Founder




(757) 329-6879

Robert Alexander,
Sep 7, 2009, 9:23 PM