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Rob Alexander, Labor Day 2009: Greatest Accomplishment of Man

posted Sep 8, 2009, 9:37 AM by Robert Alexander   [ updated Sep 8, 2009, 9:48 AM ]
I believe that the foundation of the United States of America is the single greatest accomplishment of man kind.
The principals set forth in The Constitution are the result of a culmination of the best of all philosophy in regards to the governance of man. By designing a government that so accurately recognized that inherent nature of man kind, our forefathers set the stage for giant leaps forward in human endeavor.
What is important here is that they recognized what we have forgotten. That it is not our land, not our government and not even our God that makes us great. It is us, each of us, as individuals choosing to use those good parts of our human nature endowed by our creator. We each must act! That is, we must take action to use what is good in us to do something great!
It is the design of this government to GET OUT OF OUR WAY! It is our nature to be free and the duty of the government to protect that FREEDOM!
To date, no country had been better suited to do just that and we have all been blessed as a prosperous nation because of it.
However we have deviated from our course in favor of the comfort in doing what feels good. Both Candidates were asked during the campaign something to affect of what do you think America has to apologize for. Neither could really answer it but I will.
We have shirked our duty to foster the better part of our humanity. We have crushed the human spirit and free will of those we pretend to help. We have offered charity so to make us feel good while creating a dependent class of Americans. We have created generations of perpetual adolescents still clinging to the government apron strings and never realizing their potential.
Now, as those strings begin to strangle us all, it is time to act! This will take real sacrifice. But mostly of power from the politicians.
The best that government can do for the economy is to get out of the way. Just as I can stand on the roof adjusting the wind vein all day and not change the wind. The government's involvement other than obstruction is at best as a service provider. Everyone knows there is nothing the government does that private industry can't do better, faster, cheaper.
Okay, lets accept the premise that we, the individual citizens, are being taken advantage of by powerful health insurance companies. Where can we turn for help? Well this may very well be when we turn to government and ask; "Please protect my rights!" What if in response to our pleas the government does not take the time to craft an enforceable law that focuses on protecting the individuals but rather ceases the opportunity grab more power and engage in the very same business that we are being victimized by. Not only did they not protect us but, by engaging in a business that we are asking them to govern, they tilt that industry in their favor driving some players out and increasing cost on the rest. Like all taxes, these costs are passed on to the individual, causing more harm to those who are in need of the help.
There is a reason the guys in the striped shirts don't form their own team.